The 4 Day Week Plan to a Healthy Life

Work is getting too hectic these days. We hear people complain all the time about work pressure that they are not being able to handle. They burn the midnight oil to meet deadlines and end up grumpy and tired all day. Coffee is the only best friend that keeps them awake all day to go back to their desk and work. Is this a good habit? Well, not at all. Working by neglecting your own health is a very strict no. we have a 5 day work week of a total of 40 hours which in itself is too much. Many researchers suggest moving to a 4 day week to improve the quality of life for all employees. However, this does not seem practical for the companies.

So, what do you know about the ill effects and harm of working too much? The Health IQ workplace health quiz at will help you understand how much you know and how correct your knowledge is. It also gives you an idea about how people around the world think. There are a series of questions you need to answer based on your understanding, and you will be surprised to know that the 5 day week does much more harm than you have ever thought. Over exerting and pressurizing employees ends up with a whole lot of long term health effects and increases their risks of developing various disorders and diseases.

Of course work is worship, but there should always be a line between work and play. You must take time out from work to invest in yourself, your family, and also spend with friends. It refreshes you, calms your mind, and helps you rejuvenate. Without a break, your brain will eventually stop functioning to its full capacity and this will definitely affect your productivity as well along with your health. Follow Health IQ to learn more about healthy habits to lead a good and healthy life. Follow us for answers to all your health related queries.